Executive and stewards









Rhonda Diamond : President

Worksite: Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Email: rddiamond@cupe805.com

Cell Phone # 902-940-9657








 Bobby Kennedy : Vice President

  Worksite: Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  Email:   bobbkenn@hotmail.com

  Cell: 902-213-4582

Tanya Arsenault : Chief Shop Steward

Worksite : PE Home

Email: tanyaarsenault29@yahoo.ca

Cell: 902-628-5499 








Secretary Treasurer: Pam Maker

Worksite: Queen Elizabeth Hospital/SPD

Email :pammaker@gmail.com                                           

Cell: 902-393-1130




Recording Secretary: Kerri Jean Morris

Worksite: Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Cell: 902-218-8022





Cheryl Koughan: Institutional Representative

Mental Health/Addictions/Sherwood Home and Palliative Care

Email: cherylkoughan@outlook.com

Cell: 902-314-2084








Roger Gallant: Souris Hospital and

Coliville Manor/ Souris Hospital Institutional Representative

Email:  mo_gallant@hotmail.com